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LEMON Photonics has laser engine design and development capabilities to laser heating,

laser welding, laser cladding…

The advantages of LASER engine

High Power Laser engine Superiority

These groundbreaking Massive VCSEL heating Engine,

a remarkable innovation that delivers exceptional performance at an economical price point.

1.Excellent beam quality reduces the difficulty of optical shaping and improves the sharpness of the light field;
2.Expandable width: VCSEL array
3.Precise control: addressable
4.Lower cost: compact structure, small footprint and easy integration
5.high speed and high efficiency; High quality drying
6.Positive coating drying: Laser operating temperature is low, suitable for positive flammable and explosive environment.

Laser engine Advantage

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Energy saving

The energy efficiency of the laser is more than 50% less than that of the hot air.

Addressable Drying

The laser can control the drying rate in different areas,and the control accuracy is about 5mm.

It can be used to improve the local uneven drying,

Such as excessive drying in the thinning area and mixing in the edge coating area.

Laser drying thick electrode

Gentle temperature gradient reduces cracking,

Positive explosion-proof application:

Working temperature of the laser surface is <50℃.

Application Areas

TOF Module
Infrared Photography
Industrial Inspection

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