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LEMON Photonics has laser module design and development capabilities

The advantages of Laser modules

High Power Laser modules Superiority

These groundbreaking laser modules, a remarkable innovation that delivers exceptional performance at an economical price point.

1.Dot projector VCSEL module: smaller beam broadens the detection range of the robot's receiver sensor;
2.Line projector VCSEL module: reversed energy distribution in the laser projector;
3.Flash projector VCSEL module: market-leading field of view (FOV) within the system
4.Addressable projector HCSEL module: Smaller size of optical component, real time deflect;
5.High power HCSEL module: uniform optical field;
6.Medical VCSEL array module: 808nm VCSEL for hair removal achieve safer,excellent effect and high stability…

OurLaser Module Advantage;

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Sensing Modules

In-house designed laser chips and optical lenses;

Better cost-effective in chip,package, lens and module assembly;

High reliability.

Medical Module

High power 40-500W;

Customizable: chip array,wavelength, dimension;

Chip on sub-mount or heatsink is available.

Industrial Module

Continuous high power laser: 60-100W;

Uniform optical field: M-type, rectangle, square…

Simple beam shaping.

Application Areas

LEMON Photonics' ongoing endeavors are focused on 3D sensing in robot, mobiles, LiDAR and AR/VR devices., medical in laser hair removal, industrial applications in laser welding, laser heating, cladding.
Infrared Photography
Industrial Inspection

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