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The advantages of Laser Chips

High Power Laser chips Superiority

These groundbreaking VCSEL, HCSEL and edge-emitting laser chips,

a remarkable innovation that delivers exceptional performance at an economical price point.

1.Single junction high performance VCSEL has Excellent high-temperature performance;
2.Multi-junction and Addressable sensing VCSEL: Each area can be individually controlled;
3.Natural Line HCSEL: nearly collimated light divergence in a single direction;
4.HCSEL chips can be used to improve the sharpness and uniformity of the light field in LiDAR applications;
5.EEL Excellent power output capability, to meet the pumping source and laser processing and other areas of high energy density needs;
6.Better beam quality of EEL improved laser processing accuracy and efficiency.

Excellent Laser chips typical parameters

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6J VCSEL High power density >1500W/mm²;

High peak PCE>56%;

Narrow spectral width<1nm;

Package: TO, SMD.


Single chip size:<1mm x 10mm;

Divergence Angle: slow axis <0.5°, fast axis ~15°;

Chip power scalable;

Wafer level manufacturing process.

Edge-Emitting Laser

High efficiency PCE>64%;

High polarization: PER>95;

Small divergence angle: far field angle<9°;

High damage threshold.


TOF Module
Infrared Photography
Industrial Inspection

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