45W High power edge emitting laser chip: laser pumping source for industrial applications

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Written by LEMON Photonics May 28, 2024

45W High power edge emitting laser chip: laser pumping source for industrial applications

According to market research, the market for high power EEL edge emitting chips and diodes is experiencing rapid development. By 2025, the global market for high-power edge emitting chips is expected to reach $1 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 10%. There is a growing demand for efficient, high-power, small-volume laser light sources in the global market.

45W 976nm edge emitting chips and diodes

These market demands indicate a higher technical threshold and more advanced production process challenges. With the advancement of production process and technological innovation, LEMON Photonics has developed 45W high power single tube EEL laser chips to perfectly meet these needs.

Features of 976nm 45W high power single tube edge emitting chip:

As a "power source" in laser applications, high power EEL edge emitting chips have shown great potential in the fields of laser pumping source and fiber laser processing. The most important feature of the LEMON Photonics 45W single tube edge emitting laser chip is its ability to produce impressive high optical power at high current density while maintaining excellent high Polarization Extinction Ratio, high power conversion efficiency and small divergence Angle, making it ideal for many demanding applications.

1. High power

The high power EEL edge emitting chip can achieve an optical power >47W under 45A conditions, with excellent power output capability, which meets the demand for high energy density in the fields of pump source and laser processing.


976nm 45W EEL chip spectrum @45A

2, high power conversion efficiency

The PCE is as high as 64%, which minimizes the heat generated by the chip during operation and improves the stability and reliability of the device.


976nm 45W EEL chip LIV diagram

3. High degree of Polarization Extinction Ratio

The Polarization Extinction Ratio PER>95% indicates that the output light of the chip is highly polarized, which helps to improve the performance of the laser device and reduce the complexity of the system.

4. Small divergence Angle

The slow axis far field Angle is < 9°, which makes the output beam quality better, and is conducive to improving the accuracy and efficiency of laser processing.


976nm 45W EEL chip far field@45A

The excellent performance of high power EEL edge emitting chip makes it an ideal choice for laser pump source, especially in solid state laser, fiber laser and excimer laser. In the laser cutting, laser marking and laser welding and other laser processing fields to show a stronger competitiveness.


Laser pumping source: fiber laser, solid state laser, excimer laser application

At present, the Lemon Photon EEL laser chip series products have 920nm and 976nm wavelength options, and the optical power covers 18W, 25W, 35W, 45W, 55W. which can meet the application requirements of multiple scenarios. In addition, the product series has passed the performance verification of the head customer and entered the mass production stage.


List of EEL laser chips

The rapid development of laser technology, the increase in laser processing demand, and the prosperity of the solid-state laser and fiber laser markets have made the market demand for high-power EEL edge emitting chips continue to grow, and it is expected that they will be widely used in more fields in the future.